Look into our eyes, and we will show you the world as we see it. When you visit our sculptures, you will learn about animal lives, from families and communities, to disease and climate change.
Peer into an animal’s eyes and learn.


camelThrough the eyes of the camel you will see a different Wyoming, a 15,000 year old Wyoming of large mammals and forests.





hawkA Swainson’s hawk will allow you to follow one of the longest migratory trips done by a bird of prey in North America.


pdogFrom the prairie dog you will learn just how important our underground colonies are for supporting communities of all sorts of animals.




bbeeBumblebees will teach you about pollination, rearing babies, and seeing the world though an ultraviolet filter. We see things that you do not!




pumaThrough the mountain lion’s eyes you will see how death allows others to live.






snakeA prairie rattlesnake will show you how they live underground in winter in huge aggregations.





msheepIn the eyes of bighorn sheep you will see how an introduced disease causes decline in native wildlife.



lizardThe short-horned lizard will show you a very special way to chase away predators.